What is Physiotherapy?
Derby Physio define physiotherapy as a science based health care profession concerned with assessing and treating human function and movement to maximise potential.
  • Physiotherapy uses physical approaches to promote, maintain and restore physical, psychosocial well-being, physiotherapy takes into consideration your health status
  • Physiotherapy as a profession is rich in scientific evidence. Physiotherapists at Derby Physio are dedicated committed to expanding applying, evaluating and reviewing physiotherapy evidence. This helps inform our practice to optimise your treatment with the latest research being incorporated.
  • Physiotherapy is the art of physiotherapist using their clinical judgement to make informed decisions regarding the delivery of their physiotherapeutic interventions.
  • Physiotherapy is a therapy whose professionals are very concerned with increasing mobility, function and a patientís quality of life by using clinical reasoning the physiotherapists can select and apply the appropriate physiotherapy treatment.
  • Physiotherapy practice has a history and that is underpinned by some sound scientific evidence.
  • Physiotherapy also incorporates; injury avoidance, intensive care, rehabilitation, maintenance of mobility, maintaining the highest level of health in patients with chronic illness, patient and carer education, occupational health and ergonomics.

Physiotherapists in Derby Physio are all State Registered and Chartered and we are recognised providers for all the major health insurance companies.

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