Derby Physio Physiotherapy treatments
Derby Physiotherapy Clinic is well equipped to provide a wide range of physiotherapy services, including:

Physiotherapy treatment

Derby Physio provide both detailed assessments and appropriate physiotherapy treatment. Derby Physio will decrease your pain and swelling and improve your mobility and function. Our physiotherapists will guide you through all stages of recovery from your injury in order to restore full function as soon as possible. Derby Physio are well equipped to provide physiotherapy treatment for soft tissue injuries, orthopaedic conditions and many joint problems.

Physiotherapy treatments utilised at Derby Physio include:
  • Soft tissue manipulation and massage
  • Joint mobilisation
  • Electrotherapy
  • Traditional acupuncture
  • Exercise programmes
  • Advice on Injury prevention
  • Advice on self management
Physiotherapy assessment

Derby Physio will base your rehabilitation program on your physical assessment. Our Physiotherapist will use objective measures to progress you to optimal health levels. Our physiotherapists will undertake regular objective assessments to compliment your improvements allowing us to set and achieve realistic goals.

A physiotherapy assessment consists of:
  • Musculo-skeletal flexibility assessment
  • Muscle imbalance and strength assessment
  • Work capacity test.
Body control Pilates

Derby Physiotherapy has physiotherapists that can provide body control Pilates. These Pilates Programs provided by our Pilates trained physiotherapists are focused on increasing your core stability. This helps to decrease the of injury at work, home and during sporting activity.

Dynamic Ultrasound

Derby Physio use dynamic ultrasound as a useful diagnostic tool when assessing weakness and control of core stability muscles. The high tech top of the range ultrasound machines are able to detect a lack of control and weakness of abdominal muscles. This weakness can lead to back pain. Realtime ultrasound can also be used to compliment other treatment and also as an aid to injections. Using dynamic ultrasound will help in the retraining of these important abdominal muscles in a number of different postures and functional positions.

The use of dynamic ultrasound in retraining is very specific and has been scientifically proven to provide you relief from certain types of back pain and also to help prevent any recurrence. Derby Physiotherapy are able to offer the benefits of this treatment as this treatment has the potential to be very beneficial.


Derby Physio utilised the disabled friendly facilities at a local swimming pool with attached hydrotherapy pool. Hydrotherapy is recommended for patients who would benefit from exercising in a weight free environment. This is often during the acute phase of their injury or as part of an advanced physical conditioning in a rehabilitation phase.

Physiotherapy rehabilitation programs

Derby Physio recognise that following an injury you may require a specialist physiotherapy rehabilitation program set up to facilitate a quick return to your work, home or sports activities. Physiotherapy rehabilitation programs at Derby Physio are designed to run alongside with your increase in activities and training so that there is a smooth change from injury to being fully functioning. The Derby Physio gymnasium and hydrotherapy pools are used to enhance your rehab experience and return you to full life activities ASAP.

Ergonomic workplace assessments

Derby Physio has physiotherapists that are qualified staff to carry out and report on ergonomic assessments:

On site assessments at an office or factory, or home working assessments are available. These ergonomic assessments enable employers and home office workers to prevent injuries caused by overuse or poor position / posture.

Education, Training and Coaching

Derby Physio are able to assist employers with induction and training for their employees on:
  • Back care at work
  • Manual handling
  • Manual Handling Code of Practice
  • On site fitness examinations
Derby Physio provide courses that involve a large participation element. This enables us to assess your employees' competency for their position and tasks in the company.

If you have any queries regarding any of our physiotherapy services or require other advice please feel free to contact us.


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